My trip to London Zoo

I had a lovely trip to london zoo at the weekend.

It was so cute with all the animals!

My favourite animals were the otters. There was one that came right up to the wall, and made a otter noise at me. I named it Otais. The otter in this slideshow is just like Otais and I love the look of him. If I had a Otter, I would call him or her Otais, to remind me of Otais in London Zoo.

There was also lots of baby animals at the zoo, and the most cutest ones were definatly the meercats! There parents were protecting them and they were playing in the sand! The 2nd cutest baby animal, was probobaly the baby giraffe, which we found out was a baby girl! She was in with her lovely mummy and was drinking her water.

I also loved the gorillas. We watched them have there dinner, and they were just like humans! You could see that one of them was the boss, because he wasn’t letting anyone close to his food let alone near!!

We also got to watch the penguins be fed, and that was soo cute!

These are just some of the animals that I saw at London Zoo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. yummymummy replied:

    millie this site is fab!

  2. josie987 replied:

    yummymummy thats a cool name

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