Imagine the band!

Welcome to Imagine the band’s page.

On this page there will be alsorts of messages for the band and all you veiwers.

First of all I would like to start of with a brilliant message to you all

We have a new drummer in the band!!!!!

I have finished the new song! It is called who are you?

MESSAGE TO ALL BAND MEMBERS!!: We need to arrange a date to meet up together, to have a practice.



  1. unknown4 replied:

    I’m the new drummer!

  2. unknown4 replied:

    no need to

  3. josie987 replied:

    i didnt know that dont worry i will call you unknow4 to keep your privercy

    • kiwimonkey99 replied:


      • kiwimonkey99 replied:

        Oh yeah!
        Thanks for keeping his privacy!
        Can’t wait for your b-day party!

      • josie987 replied:

        i ment i didnt know he was your drummer

  4. Rachel replied:

    Hey Millie I love your blog it’s awesome!!
    I hope to see you very soon!
    I noticed you have some pictures of Hayley Williams on your page, do you like Paramore the band?
    Love you! xxx

    • kiwimonkey99 replied:

      Yeah I do like Hayley Williams and Paramore!!
      Did you hear about my band, on email, or did it not get to you??
      What pictures shall I put onto my blog?? I’m stuck!

    • kiwimonkey99 replied:

      Mummy says ‘any luck with your boss?’

      luv u
      miss u

      • Chopstic replied:

        millie do u let evie do anything

      • kiwimonkey99 replied:


  5. ch0pstic replied:

    Awesom millie I’e put some some more stuff on mine and Alexia’s blog. Smiley face

    • kiwimonkey99 replied:

      I’ve seen you’re new posts!
      There immence!
      See u tomorrow ch0pstick!

  6. rosierocks replied:

    I thought I was: Drummer, Singer AND backsinger!
    Not just drummer and backsinger + I don’t mind just helping cosmin with the drums if that helps?!

  7. Rosie Rocks replied:


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